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What clients have to say about Karen Card…

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“Because of what I learned from Karen, my husband and I communicate more, better and differently than we ever have before, and I am no longer afraid to ask for what I need from him. I finally have the great marriage I have always wanted.”

Account Executive, age 41

“I cannot recommend strongly enough how powerful Karen Card’s coaching is. If you are looking for a totally new perspective on dating and can open your mind and heart to learning something about yourself and men – run, do not walk to see Karen.”

Attorney, age 47

“Karen’s coaching works!! My relationship is getting stronger everyday thanks to Karen’s teaching. Having been through numerous relationships I can see now they lacked good communications skills. Karen’s coaching showed me these skills and how they work.”

Analyst, age 41

“Because of what I learned from Karen, I am actively dating, and I am no longer afraid to ask for what I need. I am so grateful I found Karen and that she has been by my side on this journey.”

Gourmet Chef, age 43

“After working with Karen, I learned better ways to communicate my needs and get what I want from my husband. I was able to focus my energy on the important points of a healthy relationship.”

College Professor, age 35

“Karen, with your relationship coaching help, I was able to understand my needs in a relationship. I started dating a great guy and fell in love. After all this time, getting married is a miracle!”

Corporate Trainer, age 52

“Karen Card stands out amongst the relationship and dating coaches in a big way. If you really want to get MORE love in your life, Karen is the coach you need. It’s no wonder that Karen is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after Relationship Coaches and has her own long-term dream relationship with her husband – which is positive proof that her advice works.”

Engineer, age 48

“It has not even been a week of working with you and things are already cooking! Only 3 days after I changed my online profile to your recommendations, I’m amazed at the responses. You are a source of joy!”

Scientist, age 56

“I was at a point in my life that I was ready for a relationship. Karen helped me accomplish that goal. She first helped me understand what I’d done wrong in the past – how I was being “too giving”. Then Karen gave me the tools and confidence I needed to meet someone on the internet. I’m now in a happy and fulfilling relationship with an amazing man. I can’t thank Karen enough for helping me reach this goal.”

Hospice Counselor, age 52

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– Karen Card, Executive Dating Coach and Relationship Expert