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"Successful Relationship" Program for
Smart, Single Women

If you are not yet in a GREAT relationship, it’s not because of circumstance.  You do not have bad luck, you are not cursed, or doomed.   Similarly, you are not too successful, too beautiful, too confident, and you don’t make too much money.  In our society, we are never taught how to have a GREAT relationship. It’s a not a part of growing up, yet you can change that now.  All you need is to learn about how to genuinely attract a partner with whom you can share a meaningful and life-long relationship is in my “Successful Relationship” Program. 

What you can expect to achieve:

  1. Everything you need to know to meet a QUALITY MAN
  2. Become an EXPERT on men
  3. Feel CONFIDENT on every date
  4. Discover ways to make a man CHERISH you
  5. Know exactly how to move from dating into a GREAT relationship

Over the past 15 years I have helped women of all ages learn the skills needed to find, attract, and maintain a healthy relationship with a quality man.  To be clear, as a Relationship Coach, I am not a match maker, a therapist, or a shoulder to cry on.  I don’t personally introduce you to men.  Instead, I use a focused approach to teach you a proven set of behaviors that will empower you to find the right mate.

My signature step-by-step plan is for smart, single women including women returning to dating after a long-term relationship.  Dating can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t been “out there” in a while. One of the great benefits of working with me is that you don’t have to do it alone.  With me keeping you focused and walking you through the steps, you can enjoy a more fulfilling and rewarding dating experience.

The “Successful Relationship” Program is focused on rapid action and results.  Past clients who were open to learning, fully embraced the program, and took determined action typically met a wonderful man within 4-6 months of working with me.

Meet a Quality Man and Start a GREAT Relationship

I offer a unique program to help you perfect the skills you need to meet the man of your dreams. We work together on a weekly basis.  Sessions can be in-person, by phone, or via Skype/Zoom/FaceTime.  There are eight key areas to the “Successful Relationship” Program:

1. Prepare Yourself to Meet Someone

I will guide you in learning how to best market yourself to attract the right man for you. The “prep-work” before you start dating ensures that you have a clear vision of the outcome you desire and that you are ready to meet men.

2. Finding Your Dream Guy

 If you wanted just any guy, you would already have someone.  If you’re reading this, chances are you want to meet someone that will be meaningful in your life.  I will teach you to understand your “needs/wants/deal-breakers” and help you recognize when to stay and work on it or walk away from a poor decision. 

3. Understanding the Opposite Sex

Men and women think differently, feel differently, and communicate differently.  Science has proven that even our brains are different.  I will guide you in understanding the top 10 differences between men and women and how to navigate these in a healthy way. 

4. Weeding Out the Jerks

Recognizing red flags of patterns of behavior that indicate trouble ahead is not always easy, especially if you really like a guy. As we work together, you will learn how to identify men who are not ready for a relationship or are simply put: jerks!  

5. How to Keep it Safe and Effective

Many women tell me that they are afraid of dating because it just doesn’t feel safe.  I will teach you 10 strategies for keeping yourself safe and how to be vigilant for warning signs of unsafe circumstances or poor behavior. 

6. From Phone Calls to Your 1st Date

Let’s be honest, dating can be nerve wracking.  What if he doesn’t call?  Or worse, what if he does call – what do I say?  What should I NOT say?  No need to become stressed. I will guide you on how to navigate every part of the dating process. 

7. Early Dating Practices

First impressions and the early dates can establish the tone for a budding relationship.  I will guide you on how to set healthy boundaries and make sure you are treated with respect.  We will also discuss how much intimacy is appropriate along the way.

8. Starting a GREAT Relationship

Just as you don’t want any man, you also don’t want just any relationship. Being with someone and being unhappy is not better than being alone.  My goal is for you to develop a truly fulfilling and enjoyable relationship that will last.  With my help, you will learn secrets to maintaining a healthy, fun and passionate relationship, while having the confidence to get your needs met.

“Dating at my age was daunting, but actually it is so very fun! At times I feel like a kid again. We are just so very comfortable with each other. And he got me a bracelet with our name on it and “I love you.” Who would have thought? Karen, you do good work!”

– C.B., age 65: single and wanted to be in a relationship

Get Started with the "Successful Relationship" Program

Your “Successful Relationship” program includes:

  • Weekly coaching sessions with me in person or by phone ranging from 45-50 minutes each
  • Comprehensive instruction with everything you need to know to negotiate the world of dating
  • At-home Action steps.  Yes, finding your ideal man will require effort on your part, but it’s worth it!
  • Weekly Q&As via text to keep you on track
  • Weekly emailed Relationship Advice newsletter

After years of tracking client successes, we have found that a 3-month coaching package is the sweet spot for the most effective results.

My clients have had excellent results in this Single’s program. It’s been proven to work. Email me if you want to talk to past successful clients.

Tough question: How will you feel in 6-12 months if you’re still single?

To learn more about how coaching can help you or to enroll in the "Successful Relationship" Program