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Are you a woman who has struggled for years with finding, growing and sustaining a successful, healthy and fun relationship?

Are you frustrated with your love life and completely confused with the behavior of men?

You Deserve a GREAT Relationship

How would you like to have a proven, efficient, step-by-step program to have a SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP? You can learn all the components needed for a healthy, successful relationship, including becoming an expert on men and getting what you really want from your relationship. For single women, learn how to meet a quality man, quickly determine if he is “the one” for you and proceed to getting a marriage proposal.

In our lifetime, we spend a considerable amount of time and energy either seeking a mate or being in a relationship.  Who we choose to love and share ourselves with is a major life decision, yet many women leave finding a life partner up to luck.

As a Relationship Coach with over 15 years of experience working with women returning to dating or already in a relationship, I can tell you conclusively that finding the love of your life is not luck.  Finding the right person with whom you build a GREAT relationship requires a defined set of skills – skills that you can learn!

Having a GREAT Relationship Requires Learning Key Skills

What if I told you that a Successful Relationship only requires you to learn certain skills and techniques?

The simple truth is that the way we find love tends to be an agonizing process of trial and error. Many of us have endured countless lousy first dates and suffered through several heartbreaks.  We repeat the same patterns of behavior and conclude that dating is hard or that we are unlucky in love.  I’m here to tell you that finding love doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking parade of bad experiences and letdowns.

Similarly, relationships do not have to become stale or difficult.  You can keep your relationship fresh, fun, and loving by learning how to communicate with and engage the opposite sex.  There are effective ways to communicate your needs and to get your partner’s attention so that you both enjoy spending time together and feel more in love than ever.

A Relationship Coach Teaches You How to Meet and Keep the Love of Your Life

My role as a Relationship Coach is to guide you in developing SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP skills. When you learn how to make dating effective, gain the confidence to pursue what you deserve, and learn how to communicate with the opposite sex, not only can you meet the love of your life, you can enjoy a thriving, fulfilling, healthy, and long lasting GREAT relationship. 

Isn’t it Time You had a GREAT Relationship?

Why spend life lonely or in an unhappy relationship?  If you don’t have the love you want in your life, chances are you just need to learn how.   As a Relationship Expert/Coach with an extremely high success rate, I can teach you what you need to know to feel empowered in your relationship!

I invite you to learn more about my services for single women and for those already in a relationship.  Read about my story and qualifications and see testimonials throughout this website.  With over 15 years of empowering women to be successful in love, I know that everyone can find their life-long love.  If you are ready for this kind of happiness, contact me for a confidential conversation and let’s discuss how relationship coaching can benefit you.

Mastering the Dating Process

Learn how I guide my clients step-by-step through an action-oriented process for clearly identifying and finding an ideal life partner.  


Making Your Relationship GREAT

Whether your relationship is new or you have been together for decades, I can coach you on ways to transform your relationship into a happy, healthy, and fun one, so you feel SUCCESSFUL IN LOVE!

In a Relationship

Karen Card, Author

Over the past 15 years I have published four books on dating and being SUCCESSFUL in love.  My books contain hundreds of easy-to-follow tips for women who want a more fulfilling love life.

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My career has included featured articles in dozens of premier publications and radio appearances. Contact me to discuss television, conference, and event appearances.  


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