With age comes wisdom; one would think dating should get more manageable (less game playing, less confusion, etc.) as we get older, right?

Unfortunately, what most people see as “game-playing” is just the confusion and misunderstanding in communicating with the opposite sex. So, unless you take the time to understand how the opposite sex thinks, you may still struggle with dating and relationships, no matter how old you get.

Relationship Advice for Women

If you are single, don’t give up hope. By learning how men and women think and speak differently, you too can be successful in dating. Find your dream guy, a partner for life, if you know how you can create your dream guy in your 20s, 40s, or 80s. I recently met a 93-year-old woman who married at age 90. So,  no matter your age, please don’t give up hope if you are still single.

What does this mean for dating and your relationships with men?

To be successful in love and relationships, you have to be mindful of the man’s perspective. No matter his age, a man wants clear communication of your likes and dislikes (so he doesn’t have to guess how to make you happy), and most importantly, he wants your respect and appreciation.

Also, while men may be more interested in “settling down” as they get older, they still want to be treated like men and not like children.