What is a Maybe Date

“Let’s go out this weekend, I’ll call you to set it up”

The What and Why of Avoiding Maybe Date…

The intention to have a date is clear, but there is NO date without a firm date and time set up. This is called a “maybe” date and should be avoided. The person making the “maybe” date has not committed to a real date, and the person who is waiting for the call could be waiting all weekend. You should not pass up a “real” date with another man or your girlfriends because you are waiting for a prospective “maybe date.”

Advice to Women:

Do not EVER agree to a “maybe” date – ever! Instead, explain to him (in a friendly voice) that your weekend gets filled up quickly, so if he cannot confirm a date and time now, he will have to wait until the following weekend to see you. You do not want him to think you are sitting around waiting for his call. Trust me; you do not want to start a relationship with a man who cannot even commit to a date.

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