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If You Are in a Relationship…

Is your relationship in a downward spiral of hurt and frustration?
Are you trying to decide if it’s time to get divorced or give it another try?

How would it feel to finally:

  • Be appreciated?
  • Be heard and understood?
  • Be confident in getting your needs met?
  • Stop arguing all the time or walking on eggshells?
  • Start solving problems as a team?
  • Re-ignite the romance and passion?


As a Relationship Coach, I know for a fact that anyone can create a healthy, loving, GREAT relationship, it’s just a matter of learning how. 

If you are in a new relationship or have been together for years and feel like something isn’t quite working, Relationship Coaching may provide the answers you are seeking.  Relationships that started out with great love and passion can sometimes turn into hurt feelings, frustration, and distance.  Left unaddressed, these feelings can spiral downward and result in a breakup or divorce.

Your relationship does NOT have to be hard work. Once you learn how to best communicate with your partner, you will find that sustaining your relationship is not hard work, it’s enjoyable!

What you can expect to achieve:

  1. Everything you need for a GREAT Relationship
  2. Understand HOW to get what you need
  3. Implement ways to make him CHERISH you
  4. Feel confident talking and being heard
  5. Gain the TOOLS to solve any relationship problem
  6. Increase the romance and passion

Over the past 15 years, I have helped hundreds of women build GREAT relationships.  I have worked with women in new relationships who are committed to “getting it right” and those who want to rekindle their long-term relationship or marriage.  Regardless of the length of your relationship, I can guide you step-by step through a personal process of learning skills and behaviors that lead to a more fulfilling relationship.  

Five Keys to the "SUCCESSFUL IN LOVE" Program

1. Understand YOUR Real Needs

With my help, you will define what a GREAT relationship feels and looks like to you.  This includes having clarity about your needs, wants, and deal-breakers.  We will also prioritize the changes you would like to experience in your current relationship.

2. Discover if you’re with the RIGHT man

This is the key to everything. I will teach you the 5 most important qualities of a GOOD man/partner and how to see if your guy can become this man. The best part is that he does not have to know that you are grading him on this.

3. How to get him to CHERISH you

You will learn how to get him to make you a priority in his life and have him WANT to make you happy. Learn the skills to feel connected to your man like you did at the beginning of your relationship.


4. Learn to Deal with DIFFICULTIES

All relationships have road bumps, but they don’t have to big, ugly fights. You will learn exact words to use to immediately stop the arguments. Discover a way to communicate so he hears and understands you and stops being angry.

5. Confidence to Get What You Need

The best part about working with a Relationship Coach is that you know you’re getting the right information.  This helps you develop greater confidence in who you are and how to successfully communicate with men.  I will teach you a Movie Star Mindset and the quickest way to get your needs met so that you and your partner can enjoy a GREAT relationship that lasts a lifetime. 

“Your advice worked perfectly and immediately. Hubby and I have completely reconnected. Too bad more people don’t have access to your information!!”


Get Started with the "SUCCESSFUL IN LOVE" Program

Your “Successful in Love” program includes

  • 3 months of weekly coaching sessions with me in person or by phone ranging from 45-50 minutes each
  • Comprehensive instruction with everything you need to know to negotiate the world of love and fulfillment
  • At-home Action steps.  Yes, turning your man into a loving partner will require some effort, but it’s worth it!
  • Weekly Q&As via text to keep you on tract
  • Weekly emailed Relationship Advice newsletter

After years of tracking client successes, we have found that a 3-month coaching package is the sweet spot for the most effective results.


Tough question: How will you feel in 6-12 months if nothing changes in your relationship?

Send me an email to set up a Get-Acquainted call, so I can hear more about your situation and see how I can help you.