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Do Looks Really Matter?

do looks matter woman putting on makeup

Some single women get stressed out trying to make themselves look like movie stars. Guess what, in the dating world it does NOT matter if you don’t look like a Hollywood sweetheart. The only time you need to look like a movie star is if you are planning to make a living being movie star. Otherwise, you just want to look YOUR best. 

However, there are men out there that want a woman who looks like a model (about 20% of singles are ONLY interested in looks). Be wary of dating these men! If they only want a gorgeous partner, you may end up being traded in for a newer model in the near future. If you want true love, look to the other 80% of singles who want a partner for more than physical “perfection.” 


A man will either like the way you look, or he won’t. Don’t get stressed about this. People are attracted to different characteristics, i.e. only tall people, only short people, or only brunettes, etc. Do NOT take this personal! There is nothing wrong with you. 

You need to accept the fact that not ALL men will be attracted to you. This is okay since you do not have time to date ALL the men. You only need one Mr. Right who thinks you are attractive. So, look your best and look for a partner who is attractive on the inside, not just the outside. 


If you’re on an online dating site and the man is looking for a petite woman, but you’re 5’10” tall, don’t feel bad about it. You simply move onto the next man. There are many men out there that won’t fit your needs, but there are always a few that will be a perfect fit.