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Do You Need Him?

Men need to be needed. It makes a man feel strong and confident when he is with a woman who needs him. He wants to do things for her, add value to her life and be the direct cause of her happiness. This is what makes a man feel good.

For some women, needing a man is a difficult concept. Many strong, independent women (including single moms) pride themselves on not needing a man. In fact, our society promotes the belief that a woman should be so independent that she will never need a man to take care of her. While being financially independent is a good thing, being so independent that she never lets a man do things for her is a bad thing. While she is trying to be strong and independent, he is trying to take care of her and they are both getting frustrated.

Advice to Men:
Realize it is society that has made women feel it is wrong to need you. Explain to her it makes you feel good to do things for her and take care of her. When she resists your help, just reassure her that you know she can do it on her own, but because you care about her you want to make things easier for her.

Advice to Women:
If you want true love from a man, you will need to change your beliefs – needing a man is not wrong. However being “needy” (clingy, desperate) is a turn-off. Let him know you need him, and be receptive to his offers to help you. Let him do things for you – which makes him feel good about himself – and in the end you will reap the benefits.