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Karen Card

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Karen Card

You may be wondering why there is such a thing as a “Relationship Coach”. You might even be skeptical that a Relationship Coach is legitimate. After all, men and women have been forming relationships for thousands of years on their own, right? Sadly, data tells us that over half those relationships fail and those statistics are getting worse, not better. If you are like most women, you believe that finding – and keeping – Mr. Right is mostly the luck of the draw. Good news, it isn’t luck! Enjoying a life-long relationship with a loving partner is fully within your control!

Teaching You to Find and Keep the Right Partner

In my 15 years in private practice, I have found that finding love is about skill, not luck. Anyone can find and nurture a healthy, loving relationship, it’s just a matter of learning how. My philosophy is that building and enjoying a solid relationship is like building a home. When you learn to follow the blueprint and develop building skills, you can create what you desire.

My approach as a Relationship Coach is simple and straightforward. Using proven relationship advice and techniques, I will teach you how to stop your relationship confusion and start improving your love life. I will explain the differences in how men and women communicate, and give you step-by- step instructions to reach your relationship goals. Please keep in mind that I am not a therapist or a shoulder to cry on, instead, I am a focused coach whose singular goal is to empower you to be successful in love and create the love life you’ve always wanted.

Karen Card’s Story – Becoming a Relationship Coach

“My journey to to becoming a Relationship Coach began shortly after the birth of my son. In what should have been a very joyful time in my life, I found myself facing my second divorce. I was devastated. Suddenly I found myself alone and questioning why I was facing the end of another bad relationship.

I decided then and there that no relationship at all was better than a bad one. I vowed to stay single and focus on my son…that lasted for about six months. While my son brought (and still brings) great joy to my life, I eventually realized that I was lonely. I missed the companionship of a partner and wanted to share my life with someone again.

Before I started dating again, I wanted to learn as much as I could about men, women and relationships. I dedicated hundreds of hours of focused and intensive study (including studying under renowned relationship expert, Dr. John Gray, the author of the Mars and Venus books). Only then, was I ready to re-enter the dating world. I had a clear understanding of everything I had ever done wrong in my failed relationships. I was insecure, I pursued the man, I communicated liked a woman and I gave him what I wanted him to give me. I also found what I needed to finally do things right.

I was thrilled! I knew all that was left was to get a little practice.

I dipped my toe in the dating pool and started to practice these new skills. I was truly amazed at how successful my dates were. Men do respond completely different than women. By understanding the differences in our communication styles, I was able to enjoy many positive and affirming encounters. About six months into my return to dating, I met the man of my dreams.

After dating happily for about six months, my friends started asking me how I got so lucky. I told them it was not luck; it was all skill – communication skills. They asked me if I could teach them these skills. I started coaching my friends and helping them get into good, loving relationships. Shortly after helping one friend become engaged, she told me I should do this for a living – so here I am, a certified relationship coach, helping women all over the country have GREAT relationships.

After 2 divorces and numerous other failed relationships, I am now happily married and living every woman’s dream of a GREAT relationship. Almost every week my husband and I get dressed up, go out on a date and laugh like teenagers. Every day we hug, kiss and say I love you!

This former Queen of BAD relationships did her homework and turned into the new Queen of GREAT relationships! I am passionate about teaching the Secrets to a Great Relationship to other women because I want everyone to be as crazy in love as I am!” 

Karen Card’s Credentials

Certified in Relationship Coaching from Mars/Venus Relationship Institute.

Certified Mars/Venus Workshop Facilitator.

Degree in Corporate Wellness Management.

Certified Ask Mars/Venus Phone Coach.

Former Member of The National Speakers Association.

Author of 100+ Relationship Tips
and 4 Top-Rated Books.

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Karen Card’s Radio Appearances

It’s been a privilege to share my message that anyone can find love and enjoy a GREAT relationship as long as they are willing and committed to learning simple, but powerful skills.  It’s a joy to speak with audiences and work with clients across the United States.  

WKIS FM – Miami, Florida – 99.9 Country

WSLR FM – Sarasota, Florida – 96.5 Grass Roots Radio

Lifestyle Talk Radio Network – Michael Dresser Show

WFHN FM – Fairhaven, Massachusetts – Fun 107 Top 40 

KUSO FM – Norfolk, Nebraska – 91.7 Country

KLGR AM – Redwood Falls, Minnesota

WMNF – Tampa, Florida – 88.5 FM

WSJT FM – Tampa, Florida – 94.1FM hOUR Tampa Bay

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Audiences love my straightforward, no-nonsense approach to finding love and building a GREAT relationship. It is incredibly reassuring to individuals and couples to learn that they don’t need to rely on luck.  With the help of a Relationship Coach, they too can meet their ideal mate and enjoy a fulfilling life-long relationship.

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