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October 28, 2015
When a woman asks a man a “How-could-you?” question such as, “How could you forget?” it usually means she is upset about something. She actually wants to better understand the situation and feels that her question is a harmless expression of her feelings. She most often will ask a “How could you” question rather than...
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Because men pride themselves on being able to figure things out on their own, it is insulting to men when a woman offers unsolicited advice on how to do something. While she is giving him advice with the intention of making the situation better (making him happy with her), it has the opposite effect and...
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When you are dating someone and you feel it is time for your physical intimacy to progress to intercourse, it’s time to have the “Exclusivity Talk.” It is best to have the conversation in person and in a neutral environment, such as at lunch or on a walk. You can have the talk over the...
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