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September 22, 2015
The Best Way to Avoid Arguments is to Prevent Them Here are five great tips from Karen Card, who offers powerful Dating Help and Relationship Advice In Saint Petersburg and Clearwater, FL. #1: Ask for Clarification If you feel upset by something that was said, first start by believing the other person never meant to...
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Men need to be needed. It makes a man feel strong and confident when he is with a woman who needs him. He wants to do things for her, add value to her life and be the direct cause of her happiness. This is what makes a man feel good. For some women, needing a...
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How do you get your needs met? Do you silently wish your partner would do more to make you happy? Do you make loud demands of your partner? Or, do you not really know what you need? In order to get our needs met, we have to specifically recognize what these needs are – which...
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